A study by Scottish researchers identified an unknown health hazard: dry laundry. Scientists have discovered that clothes to dry inside the house threatens the health of people prone to asthma, hay fever and other allergies.

Research carried out by specialists from the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit found in many residential high moisture levels. Clothes to dry inside the house were responsible for one third of humidity recorded.

Researchers need real estate companies to include in future constructions clothes drying facilities dedicated to drop this health hazard.

Experts from Glasgow institution studied 100 homes and found that 87% of people dry their clothes inside the house when the weather was too cold outside. Rosalie Menon, one of the researchers who conducted the study, said that most people do not realize the high level of humidity in the air.

Entering the homes we saw that their clothes dry in living rooms, in bedrooms, each decorated their own house to dry clothes. People do not realize that clothes washed emit two liters of water in the air.

The researchers concluded that 75% of homes surveyed had a moisture content of air that help the emergence of dust mites. Also, scientists found that in homes where dry clothes were made inside the mold spores was much higher.

Experts have noted that none of the houses studied had no places suitable for drying clothes, so they appealed to builders, requesting their inclusion in future housing plans.