Exoskeleton arm that helps at work

People who use their arms a lot in within the job will be part of an unexpected help: an exoskeleton arm that reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

Equipois company has created over time tools to help people eliminate costly damage and reduce the effort and repetitive movements performed at work. They had as main aim to reduce tissue injury, increase productivity and reduce costs at work.

The world’s first exoskeleton arm, which was created to perform manual tasks, could be invaluable for those who use their arms too much at work. A good example is given by surgeons or jewelers.

exoskeleton arm
exoskeleton arm

Exoskeleton is easily attached to the arm and provides a dynamic support throughout the working day, providing a natural motion. The device supports the weight of the arm and hand-held objects, providing a greater freedom of movement. Thus, we will use arms outstretched for long periods of time without feeling tired and with less discomfort.

Initially, this device has been designed to help healthy people that need support in the work overload. In future it is planned to create an exoskeleton that helps people with disabilities exclusively.

March 21 is the official date of the occurrence of X-Arm device on the market, and starting in June to be available for sale at $ 2000-3000.

Source: Equipois